Fig Tree Oil -15ml from Scent Australia


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Fig Tree Oil

Eden’s signature scent!

Our patients love entering Eden and being greeted with our familiar and beautiful scent. 

Created by Scent Australia, the Fig Tree scent is a clean, fresh, luxurious scent that is not too strong or polarising to individuals. 

Perfect to be used at home or at work in a simple diffuser. Just a few drops are needed and your home or workplace will be filled with a beautiful aroma! 

The Creation: A sparkling fresh fig accord with citruses and lavender undertones enhanced by leafy green notes, leads you to a sensual body of cedarwood and ripe plums. Fresh cyclamen and musks complete this creation.

The Inspiration

“He rolled the pastry with love and attentiveness. A cloud of flour enveloped the room, and an exotic tune sang through. Apple and fig stewed nearby; a sugary serenade of spirit. Folding each edge, and coating with egg, the pie was formed. The sweet scent was omnipresent, lasting beyond the following days, reminding him of simple measures to make sense of life’s strains.”


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