PDO Mono Threads

PDO threads are a no-downtime, minimally invasive alternative to non-surgical facelifts, skin smoothening, and tightening. PDO threads are made of an absorbable polymer that is smooth, flexible, and long-lasting. PDO threads promote new collagen and act as a support structure when inserted into the sub-dermis. After first becoming popular in Korea, PDO mono threads have taken Hobart by storm.

PDO threads stimulate collagen synthesis, resulting in skin tightening, gradual thickening, and rejuvenation. The PDO threads are absorbed by the body over time. To achieve the best results for our Hobart PDO thread clients, we recommend combining PDO threads with dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections for a complete non-surgical facelift.

Hobart PDO Thread lifting is a minimally invasive cosmetic enhancement technique that uses surgical suture threads to lift sagging skin on the face and neck.
Hobart PDO Thread lifting is a minimally invasive cosmetic enhancement technique that uses surgical suture threads to lift sagging skin on the face and neck.

What Are The Benefits of PDO Mono Threads For The Skin?

PDO mono threads have numerous advantages. They can tighten and thicken the skin, improve skin texture, and make wrinkles less visible. When the PDO mono threads dissolve, they stimulate your skin, increasing natural collagen production. Because collagen is essential to skin health, this increased production level may have long-term benefits. But that isn’t all.

PDO threads Lift and Tighten The Skin

PDO Mono Threads are inserted in a mesh-like pattern into the subdermal layer to stimulate collagen production. The threads promote collagen synthesis, resulting in gradual thickening, tightening, and skin rejuvenation. PDO Mono Threads are inserted in a mesh-like pattern into the subdermal layer to stimulate collagen production. The threads stimulate collagen synthesis, resulting in gradual skin thickening, tightening, and rejuvenation, which aids in lifting and tightening.

PDO mono threads Stimulate Collagen Production

Our skin loses elasticity and the ability to bounce back after being poked or prodded as we age. This is because collagen production has decreased. Collagen is a protein that contributes to our skin's plump and youthful appearance. The PDO mono threads also stimulate collagen production, further improving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, the threads can help to improve skin texture by creating micro-channels in the skin that allow for better absorption of skincare products.

minimally-invasive facial rejuvenation treatment

There is no downtime associated with PDO mono thread treatments. You may experience some bruising and swelling, but this should resolve within a week. You can resume all normal activities immediately after treatment. Topical numbing cream is applied before treatment to reduce discomfort. A specially designed needle minimises patient discomfort when inserting the threads into the skin. Some patients, however, experience mild soreness and swelling for a few days after the procedure.

PDO mono threads Stimulate Collagen Production

One of its most exciting advantages is that thread lift facial rejuvenation offers almost immediate results that keep improving. After thread lifting, our Hobart PDO thread clients will immediately look noticeably lifted and younger. Over the following few months, the skin will become firmer, tighter, and more youthful-looking because the dissolving PDO threads promote collagen production.

PDO Mono Threads improve blood flow

PDO Mono Threads are a popular anti-aging treatment for sagging and poor-quality skin of the lower face, accordion lines, neck, jawline, cheeks, and marionette lines. They provide natural, long-lasting results. PDO improves blood flow to the area while relaxing tendons and muscles when inserted into the skin. New collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid are produced. As a result, supporting firm skin. Additionally, it results in the contraction of fat tissue, giving the appearance of tighter skin and a slimmer face. PDO threads help firm any desired skin and enhance the shape and contour of your face.

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PDO threading is a great option to lift, tighten, and revitalize the skin, and can be combined with anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers
PDO threading is a great option to lift, tighten and revitalize the skin, and can be combined with anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers | PDO Threads Hobart
PDO Threads Hobart | Eden Cosmetic Therapies
PDO Threads Hobart | Eden Cosmetic Therapies

Why Choose Eden Cosmetic Therapies for PDO threads?

At Eden Cosmetic Therapies Hobart, we aim to help you achieve your best self with natural-looking results. Our team of experienced cosmetic nurse injectors, Nurse Jess and Nurse Maria, have built a reputation for providing high-quality PDO thread treatments in Hobart since opening our doors in 2017.

We understand that you want to look and feel your best, and our friendly and welcoming atmosphere provides a safe space for you to discuss your concerns and ask any questions you may have. Our complimentary consultation will allow you to learn more about PDO mono threads and understand the process. Choose Eden Cosmetic Therapies for your PDO thread treatment to boost collagen, fight the signs of ageing, and achieve the best possible results.

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What outcomes a thread lift can produce is probably on your mind right now. When will results appear, and how long will they last? One of the best things about this procedure is that it helps lift and support the skin right away while encouraging long-term renewal by stimulating the production of more collagen.


That means you’ll see some initial firming immediately, and your results will fully develop after six months. Results differ from patient to patient, but the majority loooove their new appearance for up to 24 months. You can schedule additional Hobart PDO thread treatments to maintain your new appearance. We usually suggest at least two sessions for mono threads about three months apart.

After treatment, avoid wearing makeup, vigorous exercise, exposure to the sun, and lying on your back. For two weeks, stay away from dental work and high-impact sports.

We advise you to go to a follow-up appointment after two weeks and a review at 12 weeks to ensure you are satisfied with your PDO thread treatment and get the best results possible. Within a year, you may need another treatment. Our priority at Eden Cosmetic Therapies Hobart is your health and safety; if you experience any health issues or have any questions about your care, please get in touch with us for advice. 

Yes, there are other uses for mono thread treatments besides the face. The procedure can also be performed on your neck, and the chin and neck region’s creases and folding can be treated with PDO mono-thread neck treatments.


A neck mono thread can focus on those difficult-to-reach areas, such as marionette lines, sagging cheeks, and ageing jawlines, even though it is less visibly noticeable than other procedures. It may take the body up to 12 months to completely dissolve the neck, and it additionally depends on how quickly your skin degrades temporary sutures.

The smile lines that appear around the mouth are called nasolabial folds. They typically develop with ageing and heavy muscle use. Nasolabial treatments using PDO mono thread help to restore collagen production, even out skin volume, and create long-lasting skin rejuvenation. This is crucial in preventing forehead wrinkles, nasolabial lines, and droopy skin on the chin. 

Yes! PDO Threads can be incorporated into a comprehensive treatment plan along with Dermal Filler and Anti-Wrinkle injections. Clients frequently opt for anti-wrinkle injections around the eye area (including the crow’s feet and frown lines) because threads may not be suitable for use there.

At Eden Cosmetic Therapies Hobart, we constantly search for the best combination of treatment options to deliver the outcomes you desire. For the best result, your cosmetic nurse can advise on how and when skin treatments should be combined with your cosmetic injections.

Complications with PDO threads are incredibly rare. Bruising, swelling, redness, and tenderness near the treated area are minor risks and outcomes that usually go away within a week. Infection and hypersensitivity are significant risks, though they are extremely uncommon. To give the skin enough time to heal fully, we advise scheduling this treatment at least a few weeks before any important events.

It’s important for patients to understand that a PDO thread lift has progressive results. This is due to the fact that they rely on the body’s slow, natural collagen production process rather than injecting the skin with synthetic collagen. When new collagen and elastin have formed around the threads, the skin will have tightened, and the area will look firmer, smoother, and more youthful. The lifting effect of PDO therapy peaks around six months after treatment. The treatment results can last for 18 to 24 months, after which additional treatment may be required to keep your results.

The appearance of the skin is immediately and naturally improved with thread-lift procedures.

The PDO thread lift does not leave scars and preserves the face’s natural features, in contrast to traditional surgical facelifts. PDO thread lift relocates soft tissues to their original positions. After roughly 10–14 days, a natural protein synthesis process starts. Results will continue to get better over the coming weeks, peaking at around six months and lasting for up to two years, thanks to your body’s own production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Consequently, this non-surgical facelift method is a long-lasting treatment.

The thread is entirely biodegradable, leaving a scaffold of fresh collagen and elastin around it to support the results and keep the skin’s supple and smooth texture.

After a thread lift, you can typically expect to look like you did several years ago.

A PDO thread lift procedure can benefit anyone who wants to remove lines, wrinkles, and other signs of ageing from their face. The procedure is particularly beneficial and effective for someone whose sagging skin is under the chin and close to the cheeks. The ideal age range for candidates is between 30 and 65.

The length of time that the results of the PDO Mono Threads procedure lasts can vary depending on several factors such as the individual’s skin type, age, lifestyle, and the skill level of the cosmetic nurse performing the procedure. In general, the effects of PDO Mono Threads can last anywhere from six to eighteen months. After this time, the threads will naturally dissolve. The longevity of the results can also be influenced by factors such as the thickness of the thread used and the depth of insertion. It is important to note that PDO Mono Threads are not a permanent solution, and maintenance treatments may be required to sustain the desired results. Additionally, a proper skincare routine and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help to prolong the effects of the procedure. 

The number of threads used in a PDO Mono Threads procedure varies and is determined by the patient’s specific needs and desired outcome. On average, anywhere from 1-20 threads can be used depending on the areas being treated and the severity of skin laxity. The number of threads also depends on the type of thread used, as some threads are designed for broader coverage while others are intended for more precise, targeted treatment.

Most people experience minimal downtime after a PDO Mono Threads procedure. Some patients may experience slight swelling or bruising, which typically resolves within a few days. Some patients may also experience mild discomfort, which can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain medication. Most people are able to return to their normal activities immediately following the procedure, although some may need to avoid strenuous activity or exposure to the sun for a short period of time.